Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Paraben Free Is The Way To Be!

Hey Dreamers! As many of you know from previous posts, I am ALL about using products that are healthy and don't cause me to break out, which can be tough because my skin is sensitive. I want to write a blog post to go a bit in depth about a harmful ingredient that is in many of your everyday products...Parabens! Dun! Dun! Dunnn!!
Seriously. You need to be informed about exactly what you are putting on your skin, which just so happens to be your LARGEST organ. You may have heard companies say they are paraben free, yet may be unsure about why that is so important. Parabens can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, deodorants, shaving gels, tanning lotions, sunscreen, cleaning gels and more! As you can see, a great percentage of products we purchase every day contain some form of paraben, so it can be difficult to find products without them. #Struggles. Let me explain further about Parabens.

What Are Parabens?

Simply put, Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetic products. They are used to fight bacteria, fungus, microbes and are widely available costing very little to manufacture and use. You can recognize Parabens by their chemical names-methyparaben, ethylparaben, propyparaben, butlyparaben and isobutlparaben.

Why Are They Bad?

Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is also known to play a role in the development of breast cancers. Now before I go any further I would just like to say that I am a 2x cancer survivor who has gone through chemo and radiation. Trust me, it's no walk in the park. So if you ever read anything that tells you not to worry about Parabens affecting your body, know doing so is taking a HUGE risk! I decided to completely cut off any and all cosmetic brands that could be linked to Parabens. *Fun Fact* Did you know that the European FDA has banned Parabens and a number of other harmful ingredients from their cosmetics?

Take a moment to think about what exactly you are gaining when you gamble your health for "popular" name brands. If it's how your makeup brand leaves you with amazing and flawless coverage, then I suggest you click here for a brand I wholeheartedly trust becuause it's Paraben free, toxin-free, hypoallergenic and doesn't break me out! Look at this coverage!

I also recently discovered a skincare brand called CocoRoo that offers a line of moisturizers and a scrub that are certified organic and is made with extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil. Sounds delicious right?! One of their moisturizers called "Naturally Naked" also contains Macadamia nut oil added for its ability to be absorbed quickly by the skin without leaving a greasy and heavy feeling. Literally only TWO ingredients in this moisturizer you guys! You can't go wrong with that.

Want Your Body Free Of Parabens?

There is a simple and FREE solution you guys. Read. Labels! Look for anything that ends in "Paraben" and run the other way. #Aintnobodygottimeforthat There is nothing wrong with wanting to take precautions when it comes to your body. Things that were once considered fine in our society (smoking, excessive fake tanning, etc.) are now coming back to haunt us. There are plenty of sale alternatives that are available to us, so shopping for Paraben free products is 100% possible.

I can't wait to share with you some more Paraben free products I have recently discovered. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 13: Hold Your Piece Review

Alright Dreamers, here is the latest review! Sorry for the delay, graduation weekend just passed and I have been all over the place. Let's get to the review.

1. Hanna's Turn: I was so scared when I found out it was Hanna's turn to play the game. I thought either something would go down with Mona, Caleb, or something having to do with her career. I wasn't too far off! How dare these people say that Hanna stole this design. The nerve! *Side note* That little baby is too cute!

2. Tension Perhaps?: Did anybody else feel tension in this moment? Do you think that Toby is just a smidge jealous of Spencer's budding romance? 

3. Where Is She?: Am I the only one who thought that this interview may have been in town? I also wondered where Ezra was during this interview.

4. Time To Play: This phone is too creepy! And the lifes size dummy of Hanna gives me the creeps. I am glad that Caleb didn't yell or anything when he opened the door. 

 5. Bright Future: I was happy for Toby when Yvonne woke up and was able to actually squeeze the little ball. I thought it was even more cute when he said they should get married! He really loves her.

6. Suspicious?: Do you think that Lucas really wanted to see Hanna's dress or that he was actually suspicious of what she was hiding from him? I think that he is smart enough to know when Hanna is acting weird. And were any of you guys expecting the dummy to move at this next shot? Creepy!

7. The Search For Sydney: I love all of these gadgets that Caleb gave to Aria and Emily to use. I thought it was also fun that Aria caught on so quickly with how to use them! Especially since she has "accidentally left her phone on airplane mode before". Where do you think Sydney will lead Emily to now that she had a tracker placed in her yoga bag?

8. Operator: Was I the only one that knew to look at the dummy when the appendix clue was given? And omg I seriously thought for a second that Hanna was actually supposed to wear blood on her outfit! I didn't think that there was a dress inside the packet. Whoops! lol  


9. Deadly: I am glad that things between Spencer, Caleb and Hanna are back to normal (remember this post?). But omg I was so nervous they were going to kill off Caleb with that smoke! Do you think he is going to try and disarm the board again?

10. Lucas To The Rescue: I am so happy that Lucas was able to take the sketches and dresses instead of Hanna. How do you think the meeting went? Do you think the girls will eventually get this puzzle piece?

11. Short Lived: Come on you guys! Yvonne was getting better and you kill her off on her wedding day?! Poor Toby was so heartbroken but I am glad Spencer was there just in time for him. *Side note* I love that nail polish.

12. Sneak Attack: You guys, my heart was pounding so fast when I saw a shadow getting up and going towards Aria. Did you think it was Nicole at first? I wonder if she broke into the place or if Ezra gave her a key. If he did..girl..we gonna have some problems lol!

13. Punishment: First of all my heart skipped a beat when I saw those black gloves come into the screen as they have in many previous episodes. I was glad to see it was a familiar (and good guy) face. But ewww a finger! I knew there would be some consequence for Hanna not playing along but this happened so fast!

 What was your favorite part of the episode? I think it is funny/sad how the title is "Hold Your Piece" since there was a "wedding" scene as well as a piece of a finger. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the next episode!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 12: These Boots Are Made For Stalking Review

Woohoo its that time again Dreamers! Time for another review of the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars. This episode was filled with questions and concerns for me. Let's get to the review.

1. First Choice: Who does this Steve Urkel looking guy think he is coming over and saying Ezra has another fiancé?! I was like "oh no he didn't"! Do you think that Ezra really did propose to Nicole in the past or do you think he is just trying to create a good story?

2. I Smell Trouble: As soon as I saw this girl I knew she was up to something. Just look at her. She has that "mean girl" look doesn't she? It wasn't a shock at all when Emily didn't believe Addison about being "sick" when she missed her practice. Don't you just love that "I don't believe you face" from Emily?

3. Yes To The Dress: Am I the only one that thought Hanna didn't want anyone wearing that specific dress because she wore it with her ex-fiancé somewhere before? It really is a pretty dress.

4. New Job: Do you think that "A.D." is going to interfere with Spencer finding or even being hired for a new job since she doesn't want to work with her mother anymore? 

5. Worse Than Me: I thought it was crazy how Addison made the comment that this highschool girl is worse than she is. "At least when I insulted adults I looked up from my phone". Plus I totally wasn't expecting this girl to take pictures and then go to Paige. #sneakylittleliar On another note, do you think Alison will actually have her baby by the end of the series? And will the baby be a girl or boy?

6. Really Jenna?: That entire story about how Jenna was manipulated into the entire situation is horrible. You and I know it isn't true, but do you think everyone else will believe it? There has to be some punishment for her right? 

7. Alliance: Do you think Jenna was messaging Addison or was it just a coincidence that Emily saw this? If so, do you think this was all so that Emily could play the game?

8. Reunited And It Feel So Good?: If you look at these pictures it shows Ezra and Nicole right after they were reunited as well as prior to their travels in South America. Ezra looks just as in love with her as ever and my heart goes out to Aria. I mean look at his hand placement in the first picture. It's in her hair as if he is caressing her with disbelief. What do you think?

9. Dressed To Kill: My jaw dropped when I saw Jenna is this dress. Seriously! They had to go for Hanna's dress too!? I guess this is to ruin her potential fashion career and make her look like she steals other people's designs. Do you think that Jenna even knows exactly what she is wearing? And Mona..omg I love her lol! She is so feisty! I am glad she wasn't on the board game but do you think "A.D." will go after her eventually? Maybe for helping Hanna? Plus do you think these two are pretending to be blind or do you think they are just there to make sure Jenna does whatever she is told to do?

10. Bail Bonds: Do you think that these guys going into this building that just happens to have a "Bail Bonds" section in it or are they actually going in to get someone out of jail? Who do you think that Jenna was talking to on the phone? Don't you just love Caleb being protective of Hanna? I hope he doesn't become a target somehow.

11. Hidden Lair: I know Hanna was looking for someone who fixed shoes, but this entire setting just looked like a lair for "A". Even the "8D" looks suspicious to me. Hmm.. Not to mention the fact that poor Hanna was having flashbacks and almost killed here if not for Caleb showing up later.

12. Gotcha: Am I the only one that didn't feel bad that Emily was provided this evidence to get rid of Addison's false claims? I was like "YES! Put her DOWN!" lol I am crazy, I know :D

13. Sneak Attack: Am I the only one that wanted to see Aria confront Nicole? I was excited that she may know some more information because Ezra has been shifty to me. But of course, somebody had to come and stop her.

14. Bye Felicia: I was rooting for Emily when she was giving Addison a piece of her mind. I totally forgot that Emily wasn't actually supposed to be at practice at that moment. But then when Paige came I was like "oh snap!" Do you think that Addison actually did write that email to someone or do you think she was framed by "A.D." to get her out of the picture?

15. Darkness Falls: I like how the camera has Emily at a low focal point here. Probably to emphasize the fact that she does feel "low" for speaking to a high school girl the way that she did. Do you think it counts as her "embracing darkness" though? I just thought she was discipline a girl who probably got her way most of her life. I am both excited and scared that another puzzle piece has been added to the game. Where do you think it leads to? Could it be to Mary Drake or even Archers body?

What are some of your favorite scenes? Stay tuned for my thoughts on the next episode!