Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine Kisses with Lip BonBons

Happy almost Valentine's Day! Can you believe Valentine's is just around the corner? I feel like I am still stuck in December for some reason except for the fact that my birthday just passed (woot, woot). But have you ever noticed that around the Holiday's people tend to try new lip and eye colors? Well, I wanted to share with you my current obsession which is Younique's Lip Bonbons!
These tinted moisturizers are creamy, smooth and are literally a treatment for your lips. With a mild vanilla fragrance, fruit extracts and five natural oils, all you need is just a touch throughout the day to add a subtle hint of color. Something that I also love about the Lip Bonbons are the fact that each color has been named after a dessert! My current favorite is Raspberry Cheesecake which has a pink tint to it. As you can see I am pretty sad that I am almost out of this color.
Something that I am excited about is the fact that you can grab all five Lip Bonbons at a 20% discount ($79) and cutely packaged until Feb 10th when you click here! Tell me this isn't the cutest packaging for Valentine's Day?

Want to see the Bonbons in action? Why don't you watch my latest live video explaining how you can create a Valentine's look with a few lip items. Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you have any go-to lip looks this holiday!

Items mentioned in live video:

Friday, February 3, 2017

To The Girls Who Wear Makeup

"You are beautiful without makeup." 

 How many times have you heard another woman say this? Don't get me wrong, I get the intention behind that statement. It's meant to tell you that you can feel confident without wearing makeup. Yes, I can. However, I love wearing it. I love how I didn't realize how much I loved wearing makeup until I discovered and joined Younique. I love the creativity it brings to my day when I get to play with beautiful colors or decide what I am going to do in my next liv
e video. I love how it makes me feel. Like I didn't have those painful years of acne, trying hundreds of products on my face to clear or cover it up the scars, but the products only made things worse. Somehow we've confused wearing makeup with wanting to hide who we are. A woman who wears makeup is NO less confident then the woman who doesn't. It's how she expresses herself, and I would venture to say, you are actually getting to see more of who she really is when she has her face done.
Makeup is NOT a mask.
Makeup is art.
Makeup is passion.

Makeup is expression.

And frankly, let me see you do a cut crease, blend 3 colors flawlessly, do a winged liner and tell me that doesn't take skill.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Younique Journey

Hey you guys! Wow, do I have loads to catch you up on! One of them being my new journey with the brand Younique. For those that don't know, Younique is a cosmetics company that's literally changing the beauty game. Not only are their products non-toxic, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and gluten free (click here to see a list), they also provide amazing coverage without breaking me out! Cue the angels singing! LOL!

Bet you can't tell I have on makeup can you?
I started my journey in September 2016. I am half way to my next promotion and have created  my own team of boss babes (AKA The Dreaming Beauty Collective), while earning TONS of free makeup. You guys, this job is too legit to quit and extremely fun. Never in a million years did I think that I would be excited or even dare to do live videos on Facebook applying makeup, yet here I am! Click here to see my first ever live video.

So why did I join? Mainly for the freedom. I have literally watched one of my mentors quit going to school full time, quit her high paying (but stressful) nanny job, hit the top 2% of our company and then start cheerleading for the NFL. Yep, this is the real deal you guys. It can be a fun hobby or an actual business that will pay the bills. I currently work a full time job that I am grateful for but not at all passionate about which can be pretty stressful. I am in this for the long haul so that I can do things that I am passionate about like travel, treat myself and the hubby to shopping, help my mom pay for medical bills,  stay at home with my future kids, or just not have to set the alarm in the morning :D

Another reason I joined is because I want to help other women discover their own inner beauty. Younique is all about uplifting, empowering and validating other women. Society constantly tells us that we need to change how we look and not be satisfied with our features. That societal message only encourages women to see their flaws all day long. I believe every woman has unique and stunning features and my goal is to help them see, what I see.

If you have ever thought about having your own side hustle, full time hustle, or even just want a great deal on makeup, then I have some amazing news for you girl! Take a look at our current makeup kit.
Psst. You know your makeup needs an upgrade girlfriend!
Here is a breakdown of the included items:
12. 3 Applications of our Bamboo Detoxifying Charcoal Mask
13. 2 Tube Samples of our Instant Lifting Serum (3ml)
14. Our Presenters Guide
15. A White Status Charm
16. Liquid Foundation Sample Card

Whew, that is A LOT of items you have there. Not only does this makeup kit come over $280 worth of makeup (which is bananas), it also comes with a cute purple bag and a reusable tablet for $99! Also you will be eligible for discounts ranging from 20-30%, as well as a $25 product credit on your birthday. Oh, and did I mention you can get the kit even if you have no intention of selling the products? Say whaat!
I love how all of these products are paraben free!

One thing I love about being a Younique Presenter is the friendship and community that my Y-sisters offer. Passion and friendship are their greatest strength. Our community of Presenters truly uplift, empower and validate you, as well as, give you the tools to unleash your own potential. I am always on the lookout for makeup lovers, mothers, hustlers and entrepreneurs to join my team which I call The Dreaming Beauty Collective. We are a collective of women pushing each other towards our dreams with our beauty business. Brains, Beauty and Business baby! I can show you how to be the beauty go-to girl for all your friends while having fun and making some extra cash.

I invite you to look at my site here and explore this Younique lifestyle that I am obsessively grateful to live. Click here if you are ready to be a boss babe. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have by clicking here or by visiting my FB page here. Your dream job awaits!

Monday, September 12, 2016

#NeedNow: Metal For The Ages

Happy Monday Dreamers! This weeks #NeedNow items are based on that rustic, rock metal look. I also love the fact that a lot of these items make gorgeous layering pieces. Oh and did I mention that the Seine Ring was featured in the September 2016 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine!? That woman knows her style ;)  Which is your favorite item?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Stella & Dot Summer Send-Off Sale

Even though Summer (which is my favorite season) is coming to an end, I am superr excited to tell you guys about the Summer Send Off Sale that is happening NOW with Stella & Dot! Don't forget that once these babies sell out, they are gone for good! Let's take a look at some of my favorite items that are on Sale.

The Kaia Chandelier Earrings are so cute! I also love the fact that the upper portion of the earrings can detach and just be worn as a stud! Pair the earrings with any of our scarfs and clutches.

I knew as soon as I saw the Eden Tassel Chandelier Earrings that they were going to be mine. Not only are the earrings my favorite color, but they were also seen on Pretty Little Liars which is one of my favorite shows!

Aren't the Aria Drop Earrings such a must have? Okay, so I may be biased about these earrings since they have the same name as one of the characters from Pretty Little Liars, but they are still so gorgeous! I love the fact that they are semi-precious cracked quartz hanging from gold hardware.

 The Slim City Clutch, Veda Split Ring and Zia Necklace all match and add a pop of color to any outfit! Not to mention they all also make great statement pieces. Can you say gorgeous?

The Azure Tassel Necklace is also another item that will add a pop of color to your outfit. I think it also looks great with a couple of other items such as our Union Square Scarf (Multi Geo Print) and our Miramar Sunglasses in Blonde.

Which of these items are your favorite? See more sale items on my personal website! Happy Shopping!

Friday, September 2, 2016

#NeedNow: City Slim Date Night

This week's #NeedNow focuses on our City Slim Clutch being the spotlight accessory for a date night! I love how sleek the clutch is as well as the fact that it has Stella & Dot's custom perforation as well as shiny gold hardware. The clutch would also go perfect with the Nomad Stretch Bracelet (comes with 3) and the Pave Horn Ear Jackets. Add a flower in your hair and you are ready to wow your date. ;) Which is your favorite item?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath of Kahn Review

1. It's Going Down: As soon as Hanna took out the ropes the camera that something was going down. It just made me even more nervous when she started recording herself!

2. Wedding Crasher: I cannot for the life of me figure out why Noel wanted to have a cake made! Is he going to send something out to one of the girls to taunt them? I would say either Aria or Hanna.

3. Evidence Found: I can't believe Noel killed Sarah! I also can't believe that she had a selfie of herself on the phone before he tried to destroy the evidence. On a side note, I am proud of Hanna for doing all this spy work!

4. Interview: I think it is nice that Emily had Paige to speak to before her interview. I think it is also nice that she trusts Paige enough to tell her what is going on in her life with "A".

5. Aria's Love: Omg you guys! I had no idea that Aria had a fling with Ali's brother!? I mean I kind of sensed that he was flirting with her when he was trying to get her on his side when it came to Mary Drake, but for them to actually have a thing going on? Whoa! I never thought of them being together, what do you think? I feel like she could have actually been happy with Jason if she never got that editing job and started working with Ezra.

6. Let's Do This: Hanna is not playin yall. She literally got in contact with someone to track Noel down and give her some drugs to drug him. I felt so anxious when she met up with Noel and wanted him to drink. I had a feeling he would know she was trying to poison him though. He's a smart one.

7. Trapped: The girls officially figured out that Noel was the one who tortured Hanna! And it is so weird that there is a generator that makes sounds just like when the girls were in the Doll House. Do you think they will get trapped again in another episode?

8. Secret Society: What is up with this symbol? Emily said that Maya had a tattoo with this symbol as well. Inside the box was also a flash drive with videos of Noel putting fake blood on Spencer. I wonder if there are any other boxes like this and if we will learn something valuable on the flash drive in future episodes.

9. Ring Him Up: Was anyone else screaming "noooo" when Spencer called Marco to come over? I know the girls agreed they would not get the cops involved so this would have been really bad. I also felt bad when out of no where someone just broke into Spencer's house! Goodness gracious, how many times does someone have to get robbed before putting in some camera's and alarms for their homes!? Do you think it was Noel that broke in? I also wonder how the person knew that Spencer had the flash drive. Do you think there is a tracker in the laptop?

10. Safe Again: YES! Nicole isn't coming back! Praise the LAWD you guys! Haha. Okay so as I type this I really hope that in the next episode they do not play with my emotions and allude to Nicole not being dead. But horray! I hope we can proceed with the wedding now.

11. Secret Child: Snap you guys! What is Noel really is the other child of Mary Drake?! I hope one of the girls will get to peak to Steven who is the judge and find out what really happened here.

12. Knock Out: Oohhhh Hanna! You bad girl! I really hope that she doesn't get herself into some trouble by knocking out Noel. Do you think she is going to torture him until he talks or kill him? Wouldn't it be great if Caleb found her and talked her out of it!

What are some of your favorite scenes? Stay tuned for my thoughts on the next episode!