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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

20 Fab Facts About Me: Ivelisse Estes

1I'm a follower of Jesus Christ!

2I'm happily married to my best friend.

3I'm allergic to chocolate (yes, I know its sad).

4. I LOVE all things Disney. 

5Also, I am Princess Jasmine by the way.

6I'm a cancer survivor (2-times diagnosed)

7Is my favorite number.

8I want to have twins ( a boy and a girl).

9I love that "new book" smell.

10I'm Dominican and Puerto Rican with a dash of Irish, Taino Indian and Spanish .

11I love the Twilight Series. Vamps in general are awesome.

12I love to a lot.

13At one point during my childhood my mom had me convinced that "The Rock"
 Dwayne Johnson was my father.

14Glitter and sparkles really make me excited.

15I have a love/ hate relationship with butterflies. They kinda scare me.

16My favorite foods include sushi, chicken, and cheesecake.

17Even though I'm 24, I still get mistaken for being in middle school. 

18I was born and raised in Manhattan (L.E.S. woot woot)

19. I like making new friends!

20When woken up on my wedding day by my maid of honor, I said I wanted to sleep some more (hehe).


  1. I'm allergic to chocolate too! Not so much of a fan of twilight though.

    1. But Twilight is soo good! Well the books are better than the movies but I think the last two movies were especially entertaining.

  2. wow 24 and married:) Nice to hear you found your soulmate so young.