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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Break Room Beauty Series: Tea Tips & Tricks

Hey beauties! I wanted to start a new series on my blog where I share beauty tips with items you can find in your job's break room. You can also watch this video on my YouTube channel ;)
Today's magical item is tea!

For Brighter Eyes

I had no idea that green tea has so many beneficial properties that can be used for beauty purposes. Instead of throwing out your green tea-bag, throw the bag the freezer for a quick 20 minutes then compress on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. This will decrease dark circles as well as de-puff those tired eyes. *Quick tip* I found the best/healthiest mineral concealer from Younique that works on my dark circles. It is filled with shea butter, fruit oil extracts and squalene which is used to create supple, moisturized skin. You can find it here. Don't forget to prime your face first with this amazing primer filled with vitamins!

For Flowing & Bright Hair

Who here wants long, flowing hair? I had no idea that green tea is actually known to promote hair follicle growth as well as nourishes hair! After washing your hair with shampoo you can apply water extracted from tea onto your hair. Did I mention that green tea is also a natural hair brightener? No more having to use SunIn if you want to brighten those tresses with color dye.

*Quick Tip* This may sound crazy, but because Younique's primer has vitamins in it (whenever you have any excess on your hands) just rub a bit onto your hair! It is great for taming those flyaways.

For Tightened Pores

Using chamomile tea can be amazing for shrinking those large pores that plague most people. Just take warm or cool chamomile tea water and apply to your face! Let it absorb and voila! Pours be gone!

What beauty tips do you have for tea? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I didn't know that you could use tea to help with your beauty regimen! This is really awesome! Thanks for all the tips especially for the eyes.

  2. I had such a bad allergic reaction a few weeks ago and woke with the worlds puffiest eyes. I had no cucumber or potato in the house and all I had was green tea bags, this worked a treat for me!

  3. Oh my gosh. Such great tips. Im definitely doing the green tea for my eyes!!! Love that!

  4. Oh my gosh. Such great tips. Im definitely doing the green tea for my eyes!!! Love that!

  5. Who know green tea was so magical in the beauty department? I'm definitely going to try it for puffy eyes and brighter hair. Thanks again for the tips on helping us be our best selves!

  6. I never realised that green tea was so beneficial I'm definitely going to use it in my hair as it needs a boost. I am going to use the green teabags on my eyes too . Thanks for the great tips I had no idea that green tea was so useful.

  7. oh wow i did not know that green tea could do that, i always have a cup before bed, better get home quickly x

  8. I'm not a tea person but I love my coffee. These days I'm hearing a lot about green tea benefits. I've to develop a taste for a tea now!

  9. Greeen tea is my favorite and it really works wonders. Great tips. thanks for sharing!!

  10. i will try tea next time for sure. was not aware of it healing puffy eyes. thanks for the tips. cheers

  11. Well... I am blown away that green tea is good for growing hair... I know it's good to drink. I don't know anything else that tea can be used for, but it was interesting to find out. thanks for sharing. Stay Blessed ~ejnosillA