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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11: Playtime Review

Omg I am over the moon that Pretty Little Liars is back you guys! It's bitter sweet since these are the final episodes of the show but I am sure it will end with a bang! Let's get to the review.  

1. Here But Not Together: I was surprised to see Ezra come back just as Aria was leaving the house. What I wasn't surprised was that he didn't tell Nicole about his new fiancé. Do you think he kept that information to himself on purpose or not?

2. Work & Pleasure: I don't know how I feel about Paige working with Emily at the high school now. I think they can get along just fine but I am not sure if I want them getting back together again.  

3. ENDGAME: I feel so bad for these girls. They are forever getting surprise packages from A.D. which are super creepy and probably have a camera placed somewhere inside. The detail of this play board is so accurate that it must have taken whoever created it a while. I wonder where exactly the "secret passageway" leads to. 

4. Rekindle Old Friendships: I am super excited that Caleb and Hanna are back together and that he encouraged her to pursue a fashion career. Her drawings are simply gorgeous! I am also glad that Mona and Hanna are starting to build up their friendship again, but I am always on the edge when it comes to Mona.

5. Jenna's Got A Gun: I would have never guessed that there were two people who were shooting at Spencer before she was shot. Do you think that Mary Drake was trying to shoot at Jenna and accidentally shot Spencer? It could explain why she is no where to be found now.

6. Moving Forward: I think it's great that Hanna is encouraging Aria to move forward with her wedding planning even though things don't look too good with Ezra. How far do you think she will get in the planning before Ezra drops a bomb on her? Or do you think things will smooth over eventually?

7. The Hook-Up: I admire how Mona is always filled with such confidence and has so many connections. She really is a hard worker and I thought it was very nice of her to introduce Hanna to the governors daughter. I can't wait to see where Hanna's career takes her.

 8. Baby Of Mine: Okay so I was totally waiting for her mom to deny what Mary Drake told Spencer but she didn't! I had some suspicion that Mary Drake was Spencer's real mother just because of how similar they appear as well as their personalities. Do you think Spencer will go looking for her real mother or wait for her to appear in town again?

9. Gone So Soon?: Ezra literally just got back and he is already saying he has to leave to New York? Seriously dude?! Poor Aria is trying to be as supportive as she can but I know she is worrying about him choosing Nicole over her.

10. Past Conflict: Poor Paige. You could literally cut the tension with a knife at this staff meeting. I thought Alison would at least try to get along with her new co-worker but I guess not.

11. Let's Play A Game: Can somebody tell me how A.D. keeps getting these girls cell phone numbers? I am sure they have changed it in the past. I feel like even if they carried beepers they would still get messages like this. Anyways, were you guys expecting Spencer to pick "Dare" over "Truth"? I thought she would at least pick "Truth" since she has nothing to hide and her mom already told her about Mary Drake. Or maybe that is why she chose "Dare". What do you think?

12. Who Are We Kidding?: You guys need to stop playing with my emotions and bring Spoby back together. The way they look at each other or even speak to each other has an underlying "I miss you" tone. Or at least "I miss you". I don't care if Toby proposed to someone else, he knows where his heart really is.

13. Fake Memories: I feel for Alison. She is broke, pregnant and her fake husband (who tried to kill her) wasn't even a real person. I wish she would stop pushing people away though. Do you think she really does have feelings for Emily or do you just think she is being manipulative so she isn't alone?

14. Microscopic Detail: I instantly believed that Mona was trying to use Hanna for her fashion designs, but after this conversation my mind changed. I think it is great that she made the call to clear up any confusion about her being Hanna's boss.

15. Spencer's Prize: I thought it was nice how Spencer was able to read a letter from Mary Drake, but can someone explain to me what the puzzle piece is for? I feel like it's for when every girl plays the board game, but still! It's driving me crazy thinking of what it could mean. And what is the "Mystery Location" on the board? So many questions..

16. Broken Agreement: I did think Spencer was wrong for going ahead and starting the game, but I think it is even scarier that there is footage linking the girls to the murder of Archer! And who the heck is Jenna talking to??

What are some of your favorite scenes? Stay tuned for my thoughts on the next episode!


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!! I love this show:) My favorite haha. Thank you:0

    1. No problem! Glad another person loves the show as much as I do! I hope to see you here for next weeks review :)

  2. ooo... I've got to say I skipped straight to comments because I didn't realize a new series had even started and want to avoid spoilers!! Thanks for the heads up though... will be watching some later!

    1. Haha aw! You gotta watch it girl! Are you as sad as I am that its ending? I hope to see you here for next weeks review :)

  3. I watched the first few seasons but have not watched the latest seasons. They look exciting, I clearly have a lot to catch up on x

  4. This looks to be an interesting show.I am not sure if it's telecasted outside US.

  5. I started watching this when it first came out but my workload took too much of my time that I rarely get to watch TV. I have to catch up on those past episodes. I love Pretty Little Liars!

  6. I need to watch this. I heard such good things about the show. Hopefully nothing was spoiled too much here.

  7. This is crazy! I love pretty little liars, stopped watching it a while ago, I didn't know Alison was still alive!

  8. I've never watched this show. But I know it has very devoted fans!

  9. I never got into the show but I recall it being so popular. Adding this to my work day out list.