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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Got a Secret, Can You Keep It? Maskacara Makeup

 Happy New Year and week after Valentine's Day you guys! I am so excited to be able to hop on here and start fresh with you and Carnation Dreams. I know I previously said I would be posting more, but of course, life happens. BUT, my word for this year is growth, and that is what I will focus on with this blog. Sooooo yeah, I gotta be honest - I've been hiding something that is a beauty game-changer, you guys. And it recently dawned on me that although I have been sharing about it on my other social media accounts, I haven't here. So I'm coming clean today yall! 

Here it is:
1I've been exclusively using a new kind of makeup called Maskcara Beauty
Have you heard of it? Girl, I am obsessed!
2. I love this makeup so much, that I've decided to become a Maskcara Makeup Artist
There it is y'all. That's my secret! Now you may be wondering: What does it mean to be a 'Maskcara Makeup Artist'?
 Let me spill the tea sis:
  • First of all, it means that you're going to be seeing a lot more beauty/makeup posts on my blog and Instagram/IG Stories. I figure that I already share about other brands on my IG, so why not share about Maskcara right? I'm super excited to dive more into this Maskcara makeup content because I know you all will love it too. While I don't consider myself a makeup expert by any means, I do like to feel pretty/slay, and I use makeup to help me achieve that. 
  • Secondly, being a Maskcara Makeup Artist also means that if YOU are ever interested in trying out the makeup for yourself, I can hook you up! Yep-I sell this makeup now! So you get a flawless face, AND YOU! AND YOU! Can you tell how excited I am? Foundation can be tricky to match your skin tone, so I'd help you find the right shade and obvi answer any Maskcara Makeup questions you have.

The photo at the top of this post is my everyday makeup look (aaand how I look without any makeup on. Those dark circles are no joke yall). You guys this takes me 5-7ish minutes to put on, which is one of the things I love about Maskcara. It is so quick! I used to never bother with trying to contour/highlight because it took so much extra time. It was certainly not part of my everyday makeup routine! Not anymore!

I also love that the Maskcara Makeup look ends up being very natural. It doesn't look cakey or heavy. If I want it to be a bit more full coverage, I just use a tad more product and that takes care of that. Plus the fact that it evens out my skin tone and makes me look like I got an additional 5 hours of sleep is a plus!

Here's exactly what I have on my face in the 'After" pic:
Face: Maskcara HAC with the shades Mango, Amber, Indigo and Pearl. One of the coolest things is that you can create your custom palette to mix and match the exact color combo that you want. You can even buy these as singles if you want as opposed to an entire palette! Let me know if you need help finding your shade. 
Cheeks: Masckara Lip & Cheek in Grapefruit (obsessed with this stuff). Again, you can buy the blush or anything else as just singles. I also love the Nude blush and often use it on my lips as well!
Lips: Pink Grapefruit (again)
Eyeshadow: I don't have any eyeshadow on in these pics but I have been using a bit of Maskcara's illuminator in Pearl on top of my eyes for an extra awake look.
Brushes: I got this entire look using the 30 Second HAC Brush from Maskcara! If I want to add a bit more blush I use the Blush and Bronzer Brush. I then use the IIID Perfector Blender and blend it all in. I am obsessed with all of these brushes you guys, especially since they are all double ended. And for the price, you literally cannot beat them. 

Below are some more before/after pics to demonstrate how bomb Maskcara makeup is. This stuff is seriously like a filter!


One other exciting thing guys: we are looking to build our team of Maskcara makeup artists! If you love makeup and beauty products and don't hate the idea of working from home and earning a little (or a lot) of extra cash, shoot me an email at and let's talk about it! As I've already mentioned, you do NOT have to be an existing makeup expert to slay at selling this stuff. I am case in point of that! No formal makeup education required- just a love for helping other women look and feel confident in their own skin..enhanced by gorgeous natural makeup.
Let me know what you think of what I've shared today in the comments below. Don't forget to let me know what kind of makeup posts you want to see! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Such a beauty! I never heard of this but I will definitely look into it

  2. I have never heard of this brand but I am intrigued. also congrats on becoming a makeup artist for them! the make up looks are flawless!

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