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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Early Holiday Shopping with Monat

Hello, there old friend!

Whew, it has been a hot minute since I have been here. I will have to do an updating post sometime, but I wanted to share these with you all ASAP. A lot of stores have been having their versions of "Holiday" or "Black Friday but not really" sales. Well, my favorite luxury hair and skincare company has released some of its holiday items that are
 not only cute but affordable! 
Check these bundles out:

Eye Wish Bundle

2 Brow and Lash serums, eye lash curler, brush,
 scissors, LED mirror and canvas tote! Grab it here
Holiday Heat

Travel size detangler, travel size frizz fix, travel size hair spray and
 brand new ceramic flat iron! Grab it here

Bring The Style

2 Pearl headbands and hair clips, travel size renew shampoo, 
travel size detangler, travel size curl cream, travel size masque, 
travel size hairspray! Grab it here 
I love that there is honestly something for every hair type!
Do you have a favorite out of the three? Let me know in the comments below.
As always, thanks for stopping by! 

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