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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Radioactive Flamingo Mason Jar

I have always been a fan of mason jars. I even used them as decorations in my wedding.

Because of my love for these jars, I was over the moon when I won Radioactive Flamingo’s “Spring Brings New Beginnings” giveaway!

Tasha, the owner of Radioactive Flamingo was extremely helpful with helping me to decide on what style mason jar I should have created just for me. Of course being the girly girl I am, I went with a sparkly pink jar.

The inside of the package that the mason jar arrived in was simply adorable! Inside I found a flamingo taped to a card that welcomed me to the “Radioactive Family”.

Another card in the package contained “Glitter Jar Care and Facts”.

Underneath, I found the jar tightly packaged along with tons of pink paper confetti. 

Here is a video of my initial reaction to unwrapping my jar.

You can tell I was pretty excited to see all that glitter on the jar! There are flecks of gold in the glitter which really makes the jar shine in the light. The glitter seems to be very “frost-like”. When I touched the jar some of the glitter came off onto my finger. Here are some close-ups of the jar.

Despite the little bit of glitter that came off, this jar is absolutely perfect for holding flowers, tall brushes or even long lip-glosses'.

If you would like to see more of Radioactive Flamingo’s jars you can check out her Etsy store by clicking here. I guarantee you will find a jar that is perfect for your personality!