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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Buy The Change: Shopping To Make A Difference

Do you love shopping? Have you ever shopped at a store that donates a portion of their sales to those in need? If not, do you want to shop at such a store? I have recently discovered a socially conscience brand named Buy The Change. Their products include bags, jewelry, soaps, home decor, and throws which are handmade by various female artisans around the world.

These organic cotton envelope style iPad cases make the perfect summer clutch! They are hand crafted by women refugees in Thailand.

The "Lily" necklace is handcrafted by women in Asia who are working to create new lives outside of the sex trade industry.
Necklace created from recycled material. Both jewelry will help provide funds for Haiti. 

As a registered Benefit Corporation, Buy The Change is changing lives with with every online purchase by donating money to their very own Buy The Change Foundation. Click here to learn more about their foundation.  

In 2014 the Foundation helped many artisans in need by providing life changing services such as water filters in Guatemala and a gate for a feeding center in Haiti. 

Many of the artisan women that provide the beautiful handmade products live in  hazardous situations such as prisons, city slums, or shelters. 

A prison in the red light district of Kolkata. Over 60K women, many of which are still girls, are living there. Many were trafficked into the sex trade, others were born into it. Buy The Change helps give these girls a better life with more options.

Amazingly these women have hope and that hope has ignited their ambition to change their lives and the world for the better. Everyone that purchases a product helps in their pursuit of change! Check out the brand by clicking here

This girl had to quit going to school after her father died in 2013. Her mother now has a job through Buy The Change creating Kantha blankets. The ongoing income will pay for everything the family needs, including tuition.

If you like what Buy The Change represents and want to  spread the word, then you should consider becoming an affiliate for Buy The Change! 

Click here to sign up. 

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*Pictures provided by Buy The Change.


  1. I love shopping at organizations that donate a portion of their proceeds. Love Your Melon is another good one that I like to shop at. :) Thank you for sharing, I'll definitely have to check this out!

    1. I will have to check Love Your Melon out as well!

  2. Thats great, its refreshing to see companies doing this. Hopefully it starts a trend!

  3. This is great! That is such a good way to flip our materialistic world and start spreading the love to others!

  4. This is great! Thanks for sharing!