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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hip Hop Abs: Week 2 Burn

Day 14: Shaun T just took it to a whole nother level yall! Today I did the workout "Total Body Burn" and I was like whaaaat!!! First of all the session is 41min long. So far a normal session is like 25-29 minutes, so that threw me off. This man had me on all fours at one  point throwing my legs back, doing push-ups (still working on that), along with this move called the three tiered squat. My body is STILL shaking even after the workout is completed. I hope I'm not sore tomorrow.

Day 15-18: So I could not workout during this period because of how sore I am. The squats that I had to do in "Total Body Burn" now will not even allow me to walk fast! To everyone else it may seem like I'm just taking my time walking around, but to me I'm trying to speed walk. I can't sit down without moving in slow motion. Using the bathroom is another hassle because you actually have to squat to sit on the toilet! 

Day 19-20: Whew! It seems that my body is finally able to move at normal speed now. I thought I was going to be feeling stiff forever. I hope that my muscles don't feel extra sore after I start working out again. 

Either way, giving up is simply not an option


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