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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 14: Power Play Review

Ahh omg the end is near! I am soo backed up on these episodes (please forgive me ya'll I have been sick) but I will do my best to catch up and post as soon as I can. *Please Note* Many viewers (including myself) have not watched the latest PLL episodes, so please don't ruin anything in the comments! I am writing this blog post without having ANY idea of what has happened in the most recent episodes so don't go correcting me on my thoughts and theories. Let's get to the review.  

1. Ezra Is Innocent: Ahh omg you guys I am so happy that Ezra had no idea Nicole was coming over. In my previous post I said that there would be problems if Ezra gave Nicole they key..but he didn't! Praise the Lord that man has some sense! LOL But how long did he think he would hide the fact that him and Aria were engaged just because the doctor told him to? Nicole isn't going to want to leave his side.. 

2. Deciding: Omg that was so creepy how the game came back into Alison's place. Who's turn did you think it would be when it was deciding?

3. Spencer The Spy: I am telling you, these girls need to open up their own private investigation business because they are forever finding clues and secrets. Did you think that Spencer's dad was really traveling before she busted him for lying? I am glad he confessed to looking for Mary Drake.

4. Alison's Turn: Can we first appreciate how cute Hanna always looks? All of the girls wear outfits that are to die for! But were you nervous when it was decided that Alison would go next? What did you think the game would make her do? I thought it would make her tell her friends and co-workers about her pregnancy before she terminated.

5. Memory Lane: How sad is it that Nicole read the book that Ezra and Aria wrote? I was like nooo! Don't try and read Nicole's comments! But then at the same time I did want to know what Nicole said. I am nervous to see if Nicole snaps and goes off the deep end in future episodes.  

6. The First Encounter: The hooded character seriously scares me you guys! But do you think it was actually "A.D." that sent this message or do you think it was one of the various minions? For goodness sakes what is in Aria's file!? And did anyone else shriek when Aria threw her board piece across the room?

7. The Witch Hunt: Hanna is not playing you guys! She was on a mission looking for Mary Drake. I didn't expect her mom's X-fiancé to pop up though. I had a feeling he was lying. He seemed a bit nervous to me.

8. Not A Secret: Seriously Paige? After all of the high school drama and sneaking around you haven't learned how to discreetly go through someone's (very cute) bag? I had to get a shot of her "busted" face. Poor Alison though, she is going through such a hard time. :(

9. Duck Games: How mean is "A.D." to make Alison go to a baby store and scan baby items for a baby she doesn't want? I also felt bad for the retail lady who was so happy doing her job but ended up getting yelled at in the end. You guys, do you really think that the eggs are from Emily? I seriously was flipping out!! *Sidenote* I would have never found that puzzle piece. And did you notice the ballerina music box? I could have sworn Alison owned one like that before. Could the baby be a girl?!? I know I am stretching far here. ;)

10. Together Again: So I didn't see this coming. Like at all. Do you think Paige seeing the pamphlet in Alison's bag convinced her that Emily was only being a close friend to Alison because of her situation and not because she liked her? And how do you think things will change after Alison finds out Emily and Paige are together?

11. I Want Out: Girlfriend, Aria is not playing anymore when she says she wants out. She literally could have gotten herself killed here but she was not having it. I knew Sydney was up to something and I caught that ear piece right before Aria brought it up. But I don't understand what secrets Sydney has or why she is working with "A.D." At least she was nice enough to let Aria know she still needs to gain "A.D's" trust.

12. Lucas: Oh Lawd! Hanna could have been related to Charlotte by marriage if her mother would have married this guy! And now we find out that Lucas KNEW Charlotte when he was a boy!? My heart heart.

13. #Don'tJudgeMe: So I know this was a serious moment because Alison was remembering the procedure when they impregnated her, but I kept thinking of this shot of Mr.Crabs. Poor thing.

14. Sneaking To Kill: Do you believe Spencer's dad when he said that Mary Drake wanted to kill Spencer as a revenge for her not knowing about Charlotte? I don't know what to believe.

15. Traitor?: I felt so bad for Hanna when she found out it was her turn again. What else could she do that would wreck her life even more than what it already is? Would she have to break up with Caleb or something? Or maybe ruin her mom's life? Who knows. Do you think Aria is going to go through with whatever "A.D's" plan is?

 What are some of your favorite scenes? Stay tuned to my thoughts on the next episode!


  1. It has been a while since I have watched Pretty Little Liars but props to the writers for always coming up with incredibly creative plot sequences. Who is A anyway lol x

  2. I have never heard of Pretty Little Liars before. I have just asked my daughter about it, and she said you can watch it on Netflix. I may have to give it ago!!

  3. I don't watch TV as often as before and I know I missed a lot of great TV series like PLL. I read a few of good review about PLL and your review about it convinces me even more to watch PLL.

  4. I thought of watching this show but just couldn't make the time as I was busy in studies and in free time, watching all my other favorite shows like The Blacklist, Prison Break and The Big Bang Theory.

  5. I am aware with this show and I actually find it so intriguing but for some reason I never get the chance to watch any of its episode... now that I found out that they are now in Season 7.. i think I have so much to catch up!

  6. I need to get caught up with past episodes. I have not had time to sit and watch T.V. lately. I have to seriously sit down this weekend and binge watch Pretty Little Liars.

  7. I'm sorry to say but its the worst show ever :p come did it get to this amounts of episodes!!!

  8. Well I really don't watch TV series but let me just check it out

  9. I missed a lot of episodes of PLL. So sad! I will try to get caught up this weekend. This show sure has a lot of twists and turns!

  10. I think you just put a new item on my binge watch list!!
    (Not sure I should thank you :)