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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 15: In The Eye Abides The Heart Review

Alright you guys, here is the next episode review installment before I am all caught up with my reviews! Eeek! *Reminder* I am writing this review without having known what actually happened in the most recent episodes (as well as a lot of my readers) so please don't put any spoilers! Let's get started.

1. Working For The Dark Side: I can't believe that Aria is actually going through with teaming up with "A.D"! *Insert shocked emoji face* I was also totally creeped out when I saw that fake Aria pop up on the screen as a "friendly face" for Aria to talk to. It's crazy how none of the other girls have any idea about what is going on. Did any of you guys get nervous when you saw Aria missed a call from "A.D"? 

2. Suspicion: Did anyone else get that tension between Marco and Spencer when he asked her about Mary Drake? You can literally see Spencer's face go from "is he really being suspicious of me right now!?" to "he think he's slick with those comments". It's trouble in paradise yall.

3. Rule #1: I know that Ezra is trying to act like everything is "okay" but I feel like something is going to push Aria and Ezra's relationship over the edge. I also feel like it isn't fair for "A.D" to say that Aria needs to always answer the blocked calls. Maybe "A.D" shouldn't call during the times she is actually with people. I am sure the calls are not by accident.

4. You're A Mom: Did anyone notice the picture that Alison was looking at when she told Emily the DNA results? Do you think that was a baby picture of Alison or of her brother Charles AKA Charlotte?

5. Surprise Guest: At first when Spencer noticed that someone had come into her home I thought that maybe Marco had snuck in to do some detective work. But then we find out it was Mary Drake! I knew Spencer would want to get in contact with her.

6. Baby Thoughts & Discoveries: While Emily and Hanna were looking for clues Hanna said that she wouldn't mind having kids with Caleb. How cute would that be!? Like I can seriously see the final episode including Hanna being pregnant or even having a baby already. I wasn't expecting the girls to find that comic book magazine made by Lucas and Charles though!

7. Pin Pointing Leads: Okay Detective Marcos is really pushing it now. First he started a shady convo with Spencer and now he is trying to get Alison and the girls involved. Just look at Alison's face, she knows what's up.

8. Arcturus: Okay I could be completely off here, but I am like 99%sure that the whole "A" thing originated from the character Arcturus. First there's the fact that a boy is friends with some kind of avenging alien that is a girl, but then he can turn into a girl and unleash all of this psychological torture on his enemies. Scary! What do you think about that comment that Aria said about Alison's baby? Could Lucas be the father??

9. Spy Work: Holy Moly you guys! Aria is actually called by "A.D" and told to snatch up the comic book and put it in locker 214. Then poof! The envelope disappears and here comes a new black hoodie. I guess that means she is part of the "A.D" gang now right? Do you think Aria will eventually try and look up to see who owns the locker number 214? I mean maybe Alison or Emily could find out since they work in the high school already. She would just have to choose to confide in them somehow. Ahh this is so nerve wrecking!  

10. Hanna Confides In Mona: After all they have been through these two girls will never really hate each other. I wasn't expecting Hanna to tell Mona about the game at all but I am glad that she did. I thought it was funny how Hanna said she didn't ask Mona to come and "admire the craftsmanship" after seeing how Mona was reacting.

11. Goodbye For The Last Time: I didn't see Paige and Emily breaking up again, but I am sure Paige didn't want to be the third wheel. Hopefully it's for the best.

12. Followed: I really had no idea where that key that Spencer got would lead to. Then I realized it must have been the place where Mary Drake was hiding out when I saw all of those old letters on the ground. But seriously Spencer, you are really just going to leave the door WIDE open for somebody to just waltz in? I mean I guess if she locked the door Marco would have just waited for her to come out since he was following her, but still! And girl, I just about had a heart attack when he said that he was going to pull the records to find out who signed that credit card receipt at the bar with Eliott's credit card. I was like RUN FOR YO LIFE SPENCER! LOL! She had to be drunk in order to have used his credit card at the bar. But OMG how is she going to get out of this? I mean I guess she could ask Hanna to help her out since she has connections? Who knows. I am so nervous you guys!

13. Make Things Right: I really didn't understand how Ezra would think it was okay to continue to help Nicole's parents whenever they called on him. Call me crazy, but I think they are secretly trying to get the two of them back to together. When Aria made that angry face and had her hand on her ring finger I seriously thought that she was about to give the engagement ring to Ezra and tell him to make a choice.  

14. Paige & Alison: So tell me that was not creepy how Paige was standing over Alison when she woke up. I do think she had a point about Ali leaving the door open though. At the end of the convo it was pretty evident that Alison is in love with Emily and just doesn't want to say it out loud.

15. Mona VS The Game: How cool is it that Mona was able to get this quick layout of the game for Hanna? Plus the fact that Hanna encouraged her to beat the game! It's good to see Mona using her intelligence to help a friend out. Hopefully she doesn't get lured to the dark side again. 

16. Missed Flight & Old Friend: Did anyone else think that "A.D" was somehow causing flights to be delayed? Were you surprised to see Spencer speaking with Wren?

17. In This Together: It's settled you guys! Emily and Ali are having this baby together. I really hope that nothing bad happens to it!

18. Here To Stay: Ezra knew what he was doing, which is why he didn't get on the plane. But omg the phone is ringing and Aria isn't picking up!!

19. Goodbye: My heart dropped when I saw Spencer read this note! I mean yeah the detective was there, but Mary Drake can't just leave! Plus the dramatic music in the background didn't really help me either LOL!

20. I Need You Loyal: Whelp, it looks like "A.D" is going to do something with Aria's file because she didn't answer the phone. I know she mentioned it would include Ezra going to jail, but why him? And did you notice that there was a box that said "Charlotte" on it??

What are some of your favorite scenes? Stay tuned for my thoughts on the next episode!


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